Boston International Real Estate provides a wide range of relocation services to its customers. We can help you choose from among the many available Boston luxury apartments, choose an appropriate Boston apartment to rent, find the perfect Boston property to purchase, or discover the Boston neighborhood that best suits your needs. Boston International Real Estate’s relocation services are designed to help equally those planning a simple local move or those planning a more complex international move. Boston is rich with colleges and universities, and Boston International Real Estate’s relocation services also cater to students, whether they need to find Boston student housing or simply need a ride from the airport to their Boston apartment.

Boston International Real Estate Will Help You:

  • Find a Boston apartment to rent or a Boston property to buy in the perfect Boston neighborhood for you or your family
    • When moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood, it’s hard to know where to start. As part of our relocation services, Boston International Real Estate will help you decide what’s important to you in a place to live, and narrow down your options for the Boston neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle. Once you choose your Boston neighborhood, we’ll help you find the Boston student housing, Boston apartment, or Boston property that will make a comfortable home for you.
  • Find an international mover
    • When you move internationally, it isn’t as simple as just renting a truck and calling a few friends to move boxes. Boston International Real Estate will help you find an international mover experienced in complex relocations that will make sure that all of your belongings arrive at your new Boston neighborhood safely.
  • Pack, ship, or store your belongings to prepare them for international moving
    • When you plan an international move, there’s a lot to think about. Boston International Real Estate will give you one less thing to think about by finding someone who can pack your belongings, store them while you get settled in your new Boston neighborhood, or ship them to your Boston apartment or condo.
  • Purchase or rent furniture and arrange delivery
    • When making a big move, either cross-country or internationally, it sometimes makes sense to purchase or rent new furniture instead of moving all of your belongings. If this is your choice, Boston International Real Estate will help you find an appropriate furniture store and arrange furniture delivery to your new Boston property.
  • Turn on or install utilities, such as cable, electricity, and phone
    • In a new city, you might not be familiar with the utility companies available in the area – this information can be especially difficult to discover if you don’t speak the local language. One of the relocation services offered by Boston International Real Estate is to help you find the utility companies that provide service to your new Boston neighborhood, and help you install or turn on the necessary utilities.

In an unfamiliar town, getting even simple errands done can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. People who move internationally and don’t speak the local language might find this especially difficult. Boston International Real Estate wants to do more than just help you find a home – we want you to feel at home in your new Boston neighborhood. For this reason, we offer a number of concierge relocation services. These include:

  • Finding local laundry or dry cleaning services
  • Finding a housecleaning service
  • Finding landscaping services
  • Finding remodeling or interior design experts
  • Finding hotel accommodations and help with making reservations
  • Recommending restaurants or helping you find grocery stores
  • Locating limousine, chauffeur, or taxi services
  • Recommending a local bank
  • Finding spa or fitness services and making appointments
  • Helping you get to know your new Boston neighborhood

Every year, young people flock to Boston from all over the world for the excellent colleges and universities that are here. Boston International Real Estate wants to ease the transition for students leaving home for the first time, and help parents worry less about their child while he or she is trying to get settled in a new environment – especially if that child is involved in an international move for school. Count on the local experts who are familiar with everything Boston has to offer to help new students get acclimated. Boston International Real Estate helps students:

  • Schedule school visits, arrange transportation, and collect school information
  • Find Boston student housing
  • Translate, fill out, and submit applications
  • Find temporary Boston rentals or special needs assistance for parent visits
  • Conduct conference calls with friends and family
  • Plan graduation activities, including private celebrations, and arrange transportation to events
  • Obtain tutoring services
  • Meet medical and religious needs